I am a pet tattoo artist and the founder of my own unique style.

I have been tattooing for 6 years already, and I did more than 100 furry friends tattoos.

I have a dream to make more than 1.000! And I wish you'll help me to reach it ✨

Hi, my name is
Anastasia Kravets
Small tattoo is the best choiсe, because small tatts look perfect anywhere on body
You'll like tattoo forever

I draw sketches for all tattoos by myself, you'll get personal and unique design
Feel my creative touch
I use only professional, disposable supplies with medical sterilization
Sterile & Disposable
Pet tattoos
*All images are clickable
How to book?
Please fill out booking form.
I will connect with you asap.
Due to a high frequency of requests it might take up to 1-3 days.
Tattoo-sessions are charged by project.
Not by hour. The final price will be communicated before you confirm your appointment.
Pricing: $500 minimum for Black&Grey portraits
One colored pet portrait is: $1000
Two colored pet portraits are: $1800
Three colored pet portraits are: $2400
I provide the finished design before the session.
we can add some changes before or already on the session.
Enjoy the result!
Book a tattoo session:
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Or just text me ❤️
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